The NYPD is taking extra precautions following yesterday's tragedy in Boston, increasing police presence in key locations throughout the city. One source told the New York Post: "This changes everything here...Everyone’s on high alert. Our marathon was canceled in November. Who knows if that changed someone’s plans [to attack in Boston instead of New York]?’’

Police flooded Seventh Avenue in Times Square, as the area was crowded with patrol cars and officers armed with assault rifles. Under the orders of Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD deployed all 1,000 members of its counterterrorism squad, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent vehicles and soldiers from the National Guard to Boston to provide assistance.

The Port Authority elected beefed up security around airports and the World Trade Center and a fleet bomb-sniffing dog were seen at Penn Station. The Post also spoke with federal officials who are calling yesterday's attack "a more successful version" of the 2010 attack on Times Square.

[via NY Post]

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