It was a butt dial that incriminated Trent Patterson, though not at all in the fashion you probably expect.

Patterson, 47, stole a man's iPhone 5 and decided to store it in a safe place: his butt. Patterson was arrested on Friday morning for trying to rob the Ted Baker boutique in the Meatpacking District along with four other men. He was taken to the Sixth Precinct in the West Village, where a 27-year-old phone theft victim used an app to track it down. 

As he was filing a report, he decided to call the phone, and then heard it ring. What a coincidence. The ring came from Patterson's cell, and he admitted to police that he had stashed it in his butt, you know, for security reasons. Can the victim request a new phone from Apple for sanitary reasons?

Anyway, Patterson was charged with criminal possession of stolen property in addition to his original burglary charges. He must've really wanted that iPhone.

[via NY Post]