Being rich and good-looking isn't all it's cracked up to be, at least if you're Philipp Triebel and Beri Meric, two entrepreneurs profiled in Bloomberg this week. 

According to Valley Wag's Sam Biddle, the dynamic duo behind IvyConnect—"some sort of website" that's one part Facebook mixed with Groupon and white ivy leaguers—loves throwing lavish parties at places like the Dream Downtown hotel's rooftop lounge and Gemma Restaurant in New York's Bowery Hotel. But life is hard—really hard—because they're "competing with Ivy Connection, the Ivy Plus Society and IvyLife for Ivy League-themed dating, drinking and networking," writes Bloomberg

Biddle isn't convinced given all the free press these two have been getting, especially in "very popular" business sites like Bloomberg. But who knows. Maybe the burden of trying to make a name for yourself while piggybacking on someone else's idea (cough—Mark Zuckerberg—cough) is tough after all. 

[via Valley Wag]