Looking to find your next fling, soon? Swoon might be for you. 

Currently out for Android, but with an iOS app coming out in May, Swoon aims to make online dating simpler by taking out a lot of the "clutter" you'll find in other online dating sites. In this app, you simply flip through Facebook profile pictures of nearby people with only a first name, age, their number of mutual friends and shared interests listed. Below their picture are two buttons, one marked "X," and the other a green check mark. Hit the "X" if you want to pass on the person, or hit the check mark if you're feelin' them. Simple. 

When you're interested in someone, the other person will be notified, and if they are interested as well, we got a match made and you can message them from the app. If you reject the said person, well, that's it. You move on. There is no "rejection notice" sent their way, and there isn't a way for them to know you even looked at their profile. So no broken hearts and hurt feelings - yet.



[Via HuffPost]