Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel
Stars: Sivan Levy, Eviatar Mor, Roy Nik, Niv Zilberberg

Disclaimer: We've already seen Six Acts, so the anticipation level surrounding this one should come from your end more than ours—but trust us, it's worth it. That is, if you're the type of of person who'd rather watch, say, Irreversible than Superbad.

Israeli director Jonathan Gurfinkel's film covers the insecurities and mental anguishes that come from being a teenager with an in-your-face harshness that's reminiscent of French provocateur Gaspar Noe, minus the experimental camerawork. Sivan Levy gives a knockout performance as Gili, the new girl in town who has a crush on the athletic Tomer (Roy Nik). Thinking he and his friend Omri (Eviatar Mor) will like her more if she's open for whatever, Gili begins using her sexuality as her way of winning them over, and as Six Acts progresses, she uncontrollably sinks deeper and deeper into self-exploitation.

If you thought Spring Breakers could fill any expecting parents with dread, from seeing how their daughters could spend their time when mom and dad aren't around, wait until you see Six Acts.