When Microsoft's IllumiRoom project was shown this past January at CES, we were cautiously optimistic.

Of course we want this to be more than a novelty or a quickly forgotten gimmick. Just ask the 3D gaming industry what it's like to be roundly squashed and tossed aside like a Wii U Gamepad. Microsoft is billing the IllumiRoom as a 'proof of concept system' and is planning on releaseing more information about the system at this year's CHI 2013 event in Paris.

Microsoft's proposed augmented reality rig is slated to be used in conjunction with their next-generation Xbox, but we will find that our for sure come May 21 when Microsoft finally unveils their precious baby girl. Watch the five minute tech demo and let us know what you think. The idea of expanding the contents of your screen outward in all directions or backwardly projecting a star-field  makes us more than a little giddy.

[via The Verge]