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Meet the Parents has taught us never to say the word "bomb" while on a plane, but what about when you can't help it? A man suffering from Tourette syndrome was kicked off of a Jet Blue flight last week for repeatedly saying "bomb." Michael Doyle and Chaz Petteway's trip to Puerto Rico was two years in the making, but Doyle's ticking freaked out a Jet Blue pilot out, prompting their removal.

With all the stuff in the news about the Boston bombings and stuff... I started ticking 'bomb,'" Doyle told Fox 5 in D.C. "[W]hen I get nervous and anything on my mind will come out. And things you're not supposed to say." Doyle made it through the security checkpoint at Ronald Reagan National Airport, but Doyle's outburst scared the hell out of a pilot.

The situation was eventually diffused, but by then, Doyle and Petteway's flight had already left. Not even a free round-trip ticket could appease Doyle, who was also told that the airline couldn't guarantee he wouldn't be subject to similar treatment in the future. 

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