Sayid & Shannon 4ever

Maggie Grace is too fine to be stranded on a deserted tropical island with 48 other people and not get her own romantic subplot. And bringing her hate-sex dalliances with half-brother Boone from the flashbacks into the present wasn't the answer. But we're really supposed to believe that, in less than a month, the spoiled, materialistic NYC ballet brat (with a heart!) fell in love with the equally big-hearted, misunderstood Republican Guard torturer?

Their star-crossed love barely lasted a season before Ana-Lucia thankfully put us out of our misery, freeing Sayid to remember that the whole reason he was on Flight 815 was to finally reunite with his long-lost, one true love since childhood, Nadia. He finally completes that mission in the flashforwards, before she's killed in an attempt on his life by Charles Widmore, or by Ben, blaming it on Charles Widmore, or the Hand of Jacob, or who really knows, because Lost didn't like to sweat the minor details, even while sparking one hundred different theories and possibilities from them.

Then, before the Sideways world even revealed itself as Purgatory, it was clear that achieving true happiness and emotional satisfaction was a major theme. Toward the end, this theme manifested itself as the castaways reconnecting with their One True Love, which on paper could've been cheesier than the result, but every cast member sold it so well that it was actually sweet to watch. That is, until Sayid's soulmate was revealed to be none other than...Shannon, his vacation girlfriend. Um, WHAT?

In case you forgot, let us remind that Shannon hadn't been seen on the show, let alone even mentioned since her early season two death, and that she and Sayid knew each other for about forty days, and dated for maybe twenty of them. Damn, Nadia, jilted at the heavenly altar for that.