Jacob's Cabin

What's your Lost kink? Maybe you obsessed over the statue, while your best LOSTpedia perusing geek friend couldn’t get enough of the Dharma Initiative. As the show left many threads dangling while it powered to its endgame, it in turn left a variety of fans unsatisfied that their favorite plot never got resolved. If you were heavy into the supernatural aspects of the show, then no unsolved mystery burns like Jacob’s Cabin.

Before we actually met the real deal island deity in his actual home, Ben took Locke on a dummy mission to a cabin where he claimed Jacob was, and proceeded to put on a Clint Eastwood performance with an empty chair as part of the bit. Only, the cabin actually started to rumble and shake, scaring them out, but not before Locke saw a split-second vision of a crazy-looking guy actually sitting in the chair. He uttered, “Help me.” It was creepy. It was awesome.

Of course, Mark Pellegrino is not old and grizzled, and Ben had never actually met Jacob at that point, nor knew where he truly resided. So, after season five killed off Jacob and exposed the Smoke Monster’s plot to assume John Locke’s identity, we very reasonably expected some cool sort of flashback episode that would fill in the blanks. After all, the cabin was encircled with volcanic ash, known Smokey repellent (which Locke and Ben disrupted while fleeing). In a way, Locke did indeed help it/him. And a second visit yielded an appearance by Christian Shephard, one of Smokey’s favorite visages, who told Locke to move the island, which set in motion events that led to his death. Puzzle pieces that add up to a cool conspiracy, right?!

Alas, we did not get a sure-to-be awesome flashback that centered on a supernatural prison escape plot. Nope, we got a Richard Alpert episode that had other agendas, and “Across the Sea.” File this under Great Lost Stories That Never Were.