Girl Gamer has reported that the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles have added a new merit badge for video game design.

The Boy Scouts of America have added a similar badge and Women in Games International have teamed up with the Girl Scouts to make this a reality. 

"This is exciting news for the bright young women of Los Angeles who may be thinking of a career in gaming or maybe never even thought of it till now. And since the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles have already introduced over 40,000 girls to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), it only makes sense to offer a future in video games."

"Girl Scouts has a long history of developing pioneers in the fields of science and technology, so we are excited about collaborating with Women in Games International to ignite girls’ interests in STEM-related subjects.”

This is amazing. Equality ho! Let us know what you think. Anytime video game design gets promoted, especially with the kids, is a move we can get behind.

[via Girl Gamer]