At the recent Digital Focus technology shocase event in NYC, Logitiech unveiled their latest offerings to the PC gaming world. Along with two new bluetooth keyboards for Apple's iPad, Logitech showed off thier G510s and G19s gaming keyboards, G700s, G500s, G400s and G100s gaming mice. 

The keyboards are coated with a non-slip surface that keeps oily and sweaty hands from smudging the keys and sport a built-in screen to report in-game statistics. Our favorite is the G19s with its larger screen that can display video, in-game stats, IMs, images or computer information like temperature. 

Logitech also showed a new line of gaming headsets in a basic stereo version (G430) and surround sound (G230). Here are the pricing breakdowns below. Head over to Logitech for more specs and info.


G510 - $120

G19 - $200


G700 - $100

G500 - $70

G100 - $40


G430 - $80

G230 - $60