The debate on whether or not leggings are acceptable attire rages on. On Wednesday, a student at Rockville High School in Rockville, MD was sent home for violating the Montgomery County Schools dress code; she was wearing black leggings and a sweater. The school principal issued this warning to Laura Woche:

“Girls should not be dressing provocatively in school because it, quote, distracts the boys, but that is not the case; this is not distracting,” her mother said. “This [outfit] is not inappropriate.”

Woche's mom says the school gave Laura two choices: wear an oversized sweater or have her mom take her home.

The Rockville High School dress code reads in part, "Students should dress appropriately for a school setting and business environment. The staff wishes to promote a climate in which all students feel comfortable..."

Though the dress code outlaws leggings, it says nothing about appropriate sweater length. Several NBC Washington viewers (one of whom is a teacher) say that leggings are "standard attire now," because of course they are. If students are dressed inappropriately, we understand why the school would be upset. We don't really see the problem here.

Doesn't the school have bigger fish to fry?

[via DCist]