For many actresses, taking a role in a movie like Evil Dead (in theaters nationwide Friday) would be scarier than, well, watching your best friends get possessed by demonic forces. Take the character of Olivia, for example—one minute, her head get doused with blood that's projectile vomited onto her by one of her girlfriends, and the next minute she's uncontrollably slicing her cheek open like an orange. Yeah, they don't teach you that in acting class.

Thankfully for Evil Dead's first-time director Fede Alvarez, however, Jessica Lucas welcomed such horrific challenges. In fact, those scenes were one of two major reasons why she was so gung-ho to star in the ultra-violent, ridiculously graphic remake of director Sam Raimi's 1982 horror classic The Evil Dead. And who can blame her? It sure beats starring in some boring and generic rom-com.

The other reason has to do with film's pedigree: It's produced by Raimi and his The Evil Dead leading man, Bruce Campbell. In this exclusive video, Lucas—our April/May 2013 issue's Hot Complex—also gets candid with Complex about the parallels between shooting horror and love scenes, what really scares her, and obsessed genre fans.

Also check out Jessica Lucas on Complex TV's Hot Complex below. 




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