"Lucky" isn't the word to describe Joe Berti's week so far. First, Berti ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday in support of a charity that helps children suffering from rare or undiagnosed disorders. Thirty seconds before the first bomb exploded, Berti crossed the finish line, and neither he nor his wife were injured. 

The couple returned to their Austin, TX home to be with their daughters, and it was back to business on Wednesday as the Berti's resumed their normal lives—or so they thought. Berti was on his way home from work when he saw a cloud of thick, black smoke coming from the fertilizer plant in West, TX before it exploded

Berti pulled over and took a picture of the blast (second image), but better judgement set in and he decided to get the hell out of there. Then debris landed on his car. Berti called it "a miracle" that he was so close to both tragedies and managed to escape harm. "People keep saying, 'Don't you feel unlucky?' and I was actually the opposite," he said.

He might be the luckiest man in America, and the only one with connections to both of the most damaging incidents to hit the United States this week.

[via Gawker]

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