Opening in limited theaters tomorrow, via Drafthouse Films, the dark, taut Filipino thriller Graceland is one of 2013's best movies so far. A standout during last year's Tribeca Film Festival, writer-director Ron Morales' film follows an in-over-his-head father (Arnold Reyes) who contends against criminals, homicide, and other moral depravities as he tries to locate his young, kidnapped daughter. The pacing is breakneck, the intensity is visceral, and, in the tradition of the best cinematic thrill rides, the plot's turns aren't the least bit predictable.

Courtesy of Drafthouse Films, Complex has an exclusive clip from Graceland to help give you a sense of what's in store. Like the film as a whole, this humorless interrogation is quite fierce.

Currently available on VOD and iTunes, Graceland officially begins its theatrical run tomorrow. We highly recommend seeking a print out.

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