Talk about poor judgement and lack of character.

Sergeant Ron King of the Port Canaveral Police Department was fired Friday after bringing targets modeled after Trayvon Martin to a gun range on Apr. 4. The 17-year-old Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, FL last February.

According to Port Canaveral Interim Chief Executive Officer John Walsh, King was leading a target practice session with two other officers and a civilian port worker. King reportedly asked if anyone wanted to use the targets, to which they replied "no," and told him to put them back into his police vehicle. 

According to officials, King purchased the targets online. Last year, an Orlando "business man," began selling targets that resembled Martin, complete with the black hoodie, Skittles and can of Arizona iced tea. Sometimes, you just have to wonder what's wrong with people. It's bad enough that King finds the murder of a teenager amusing, but why would bring something like this to a public place, especially considering your line of work?

[via The Huffington Post and WFTV]

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