Yesterday afternoon, video emerged of a fight aboard a Green Line train in the D.C. area prompted by an apparent exchange of slurs. The video shows several passengers engaged in a heated verbal exchange with a white male; the argument was reportedly triggered by the man directing a racial epithet at a female passenger.

"The man was pushing his way onto the train, telling the lady he was pushing to push the lady in front of her," says witness Sarah Fox. "Words were exchanged between the man and the lady he pushed. He called her a nigger and she called him a faggot."

That's when Fox began recording the incident using her phone. When the man noticed, he angrily slapped it out of her hand, inciting mayhem.

Yesterday afternoon, Metro spokeswoman Caroline Lukas responded to inquiries about the fight:

At approximately 6:02 p.m., Thursday, April 4, MTPD officers responded to an altercation aboard a Branch Avenue-bound Green Line train. A verbal altercation between an adult male and several other passengers turned physical as the train approached Anacostia Station. Transit Police made contact with the male who is believed to have started the physical altercation. He is identified as a 62 year old w/m from Brandywine, Md. The investigation into the incident is ongoing; no charges have yet been filed

Watch the video below.

[via DCist]

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