If you only take away one thing from today's Facebook conference in California, let it be this: The social network is rolling deep with Android. 

As HTC's Peter Chou explained, both his and Mark Zuckerberg's companies have developed an Android app that makes your phone even more social than it already is. "We spend as much as 25 percent of our time on our phone using Facebook and Instagram," The Verge reported him as saying, "so why not design a phone around 'people, not apps?'"

Which is where Facebook Home comes in. The family of apps overhauls whatever you already have running to turn your mobile device into the ultimate Facebook phone. You'll see what friends are doing before you even launch an app and be able to comment or like posts from your homescreen as well, thanks to Coverfeed, which also sends updates. 

As The Verge describes, "everything is full-screen and incredibly visual," though oddly enough it looks nothing like Android. The regrettably-named Chat heads streamlines messaging by enabling users to chat over any app they're using, and a launcher helps users see all their favorite apps in one place, no more swiping around. 

Speaking of swiping, it was reported that "the whole setup is very gesture-based," meaning you can toggle between apps and notifications with ease. 

To see the rest of what Home has to offer, check out this video: 

[via The Verge]