An Atlanta stripper who is allegedly financing her own collegiate experience thanks to her work at a strip club shared a photo which basically explains why she's a stripper. Aside from being comfortable with exhibitionism, she likes getting paid. By paid, we mean $3,345 from a single day's work. 

"Menagerii" shared this photo on Reddit, along with the comment "From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture." The money wasn't easy to come by: She worked a double shift—15 consecutive hours—to earn that money. 

However, the dancer issued a reality check to other dancers and aspiring dancers, warning them that every night won't be as lucrative:

As a stripper, you don't make hourly money. You actually have to pay to work. At my club, it's 35 and 10 percent to the dj per shift. I work to halves of a shift (4-12 instead of 11-8 or 8-4) so I actually have to pay that out twice, which usually runs me at least 100 dollars a night.

I regularly make between 500 and 1500 a night. Anything other than that is a very rare outlier

Still, by the time she earns that engineering degree, she should already be straight financially and well on her way to making even more money. The grind don't stop.

[via Gawker]

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