Now, it's up to audiences to decide Evil Dead's fate. They just better be ready for more blood, mayhem, dismemberments, and demonism than they've probably ever witnessed in a movie theater before. And get this: There are already plans for a new Evil Dead trilogy. Get used to the rainshowers of blood. 

Fede Alvarez: "We wanted to play with the horror fan's expectations. If you're a moviegoer and you watch a lot of these films, there are a lot of conventions that, even if you don't know them immediately, you're used to them. When somebody gets dragged under the bed, usually you get a cut to some other character finding some article of clothing or scratches near the bed—we didn't want to do that. This is all about showing and playing with expectations. When Natalie [Elizabeth Blackmore} gets pulled into the cellar, and when Eric [Lou Taylor Pucci] is trapped in the bathroom, we show what happens to them next, without looking away. That was so important for us. People think we're going to cut away to a different scene, but when we stick with the scene and show what's happening to them, people are terrified by that. It's not what they're used to seeing. That usual level of safety is gone.

"For this generation, you have to think that the broad audience for a movie like this is 18-25, right? Think about a guy who is 20-years-old—what was the last movie that came out in thousands of theaters that was so brutal, disturbing, and graphic and also had a psychological aspect of demons telling you all of these horrible things? When was the last one? When I asked myself that same question, I couldn't even answer it.

"For me, the last truly scary movie was 28 Days Later…, but that movie is 11-years-old now. So, again, think about that guy who's 20-years-old—he was eight when that movie came out. For that generation, this Evil Dead really could be the most terrifying movie they've ever seen in a theater. There's a whole generation of young people who've only been exposed to PG-13 ghost stories over the last 10 years. Maybe they've rented some of the classic horror movies and watched them at home, but they've never been able to see a truly scary movie in a theater. Nothing you can rent will ever recreate the experience of seeing a scary movie for the first time in a theater. I really think we've delivered a movie that will fulfill that."

Bruce Campbell: "It feels right. Evil Dead is a very unexplored horror series, if you think about it. The last one we made was way back in 1991. That was a long time ago. People haven't seen an Evil Dead movie for 20-plus years. I want men who grew up loving the original to take their 18-year-old sons to see this Evil Dead. I want some bonding going on. I want groups of women, all girlfriends, to go see this movie and freak out together. Fede really worked his ass off to deliver the scariest, most intense, and brutal horror movie he could, and I know that Sam, Rob, and myself really believe that he delivered the goods."