A Brooklyn brother and sister who share a home despite having restraining orders against one another were arrested after getting into a legitimate fight over a roll of toilet paper. 72-year-old Bernice Meltzer and 67-year-old Howard Meltzer were a constant nuisance to police, calling them frequently to complain about each other. On Tuesday night, it went too far: Bernice allegedly took the last roll of toilet paper and locked herself inside of her bedroom with it.

Howard Meltzer spent a reported five hours banging on the door. Apparently, he tried to use the bathroom but discovered that his sister had intentionally left him with barely any toilet paper—an epic infringement“She unloaded a whole roll and left just a little, and when I looked up to the reserve, it wasn’t there," he told the New York Post

After learning his sister had taken the final roll, he threatened to call the police. Though she complied, she called 911 to report her brother and police charged both of them with violating their restraining orders. The elder Meltzer sibling was charged with misdemeanor criminal contempt and her brother was charged with felony criminal contempt.

Attention, Meltzers: Grow up.

[via NY Post]