One of the most downloaded mobile games of all time, Draw Something, is back with an official follow-up that makes the app more social and gives the users more tools to create their digital masterpieces. 

To make the game more social, Zynga, which bought the game from Omgpop in March of 2012, introduced what is called the Live Social Feed. The Feed, according to Zynga, lets you "follow friends, celebrities and discover new artists," as well as comment and like drawings. If there's a drawing you're particularly fond of, you can tap it to see exactly how it was made.  

Other new features include new drawing tools and textures including an 8-bit pen, crayons, stamps and more. There are also zebra, plaid, and camo patterns to play with. If you ever feel like drawing while not in competition, there's now a Free Draw option that lets you do just that. And for the times you actually draw something good, there's a new gallery feature where you can store your work. 

Draw Something 2 is available now from the Apple App Store. Peep the trailer for the game below.