The first preview of Dexter's final season is out, and it's fitting. In true "teaser" form (see: Mad Men, True Blood), it doesn't tell us much of anything, but this one still manages to be sufficiently creepy.

"I've always been a very neat monster," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) says. "But lately, the truth has begun to spill, and too many people have seen the full picture. I'm losing control, and the only thing I know for sure is that it isn't going to be pretty."

We have a feeling that's probably a huge understatement. Last season, Dexter's sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) found out about his, ahem, extracurricular activities. Finding out Dexter's secret hasn't gone so well for people in the past: Harry, Doakes, Lila, Miguel Prado, Arthur Mitchell (aka Trinity), etc. Lumen got out okay in the end—Dexter not only saved her life, but helped her reclaim it.

Hall himself has said that Dexter will inevitably be caught, but the question is, who's going to die in the process?

Dexter premieres June 30 on Showtime.

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[via Deadline]