As the digital music model moves closer to free content, concert promoters are increasingly looking for a way to cash in. 

Enter Concert Window, a Netflix-like service that helps bands to livestream their shows on the web. As TechCrunch explains, the startup provides all the content needed to produce the show, while on the user's end, catching a show only costs $10 and under. In turn, the venue and artist receive two-thirds of the ticket sales which merits a "comparable revenue split to iTunes and app stores," says TC. 

The video and audio quality are solid, and so far Concert Window has streamed 2,000 concerts with 1,500 artists at 15 partner venues. Now with a site redesign and rebranding along with the option to converse with fans online during the show, Concert Window should have no limits to success—especially since its shows can be streamed on any computer, tablet or smartphone. 

[via TechCrunch]