With Robin Thicke departing Kevin Hart's wildly hilarious BET "faux-reality" series Real Husbands of Hollywood, HipHollywood is reporting that Chris Rock is set to join the cast for the upcoming second season.

"I just watched the show and it seemed like they were having so much fun and I was like I want to have fun," Rock explained. "I’m a fan of Kevin … it’s rare when you actually get to work with each other and have fun."

"That’s a mentor and a friend to me," Hart commented to HipHollywood. "To have him just accept an invitation is huge to me."

There's no official word on why Thicke left the series, but according to HumorMillMag, rumor is that he was unhappy with the direction his character - who is, of course, a heightened version of himself - was taking on the series. 

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[via HipHollywood]