Richard Vody doesn't sweat life's hardships. He was arrested for biting part of another man's ear off during a home invasion attempt last week, but still found a reason to smile as his mugshot was being taken. He's the poster boy for happy-go-lucky criminals everywhere. 

Police in Justice, IL responded to a call about an intruder around 8:45 p.m. on Friday after Vody ran up in a couple's home, then got into a fight with the man that quickly escalated to the point of Mike Tyson-like behavior. Firefighters isolated the victim for assistance and police dogs were able to find his ear the next day.

Vody was charged with domestic battery, aggravated battery and home invasion. He didn't let it get him down; "don't worry, be happy" is the new motto for getting arrested.

[via Chicagoist]

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