Bronx resident Alyssa Wilcynski has somehow survived a brutal attack where she was stabbed 40 times. The 35-year-old Wilcynski was returning to her apartment on Mar. 15 when an unknown assailant stabbed her with a rusty steak knife. During the attack, her heart was pierced.  Wilcynski managed to fight back, biting the man on his forearm and neck. Her attacker continued to pound her on the head until she lost consciousness.

“He must have thought I was dead . . . I knew I was going to die," she told the New York Post. Her husband, 38-year-old Patrick Sotomayor, was told by a neighbor that his wife had been stabbed multiple times. She was rushed to Lincoln Hospital where she had open heart surgery and underwent operations to her kidneys and stomach.

“God was with me, because I didn’t die,” she said. She's a very lucky woman. Meanwhile, her attacker remains at large.

[via NY Post]