A recent story coming out of New Delhi, India sent shock waves through the Internet community. A three-day-old baby was sold on Facebook for $15,000 after it’s own grandfather claimed the child had died.

A single mother, Noora, gave birth to a son in the city of Ludhiana on April 8. Days after the woman and her newborn were discharged and sent home, a hospital nurse, Sunita, and a hospital employee, Gurpreet Singh, came to Noora’s house saying her child was sick and needed to be taken away.

The next day, Noora’s father, who lived with her, told her the child had died.

As the story developed, it turned out that the grandfather was offered 45,000 Rupees ($830 USD) for the newborn by Sunita and Gerpreet, to which he agreed. The two hospital employees then sold the baby to an Indian baby dealer for 350,000 Rupees ($6,400 USD). The child was then sold to a Delhi-based business man via Facebook for 800,000 ($15,000 USD).

When Noora discovered what was going on, she contacted the authorities who immediately arrested the grandfather, Sunita and Gerpreet. The police are tracking down the baby dealer and the businessman who purchased the child.

Thankfully the child was found unharmed and safe. 

[via DailyMail