AT&T has inked a deal with wireless internet provider Boingo to create hotspots all over the world, writes The Verge  Anyone signed up for AT&T's 300MB or 800M Data Global Add-On packages can connect in major airports, using up to 1GB of data. Boingo customers, meanwhile, can connect to any of AT&T's public wifi hotspots in the U.S. 

Perhaps the best news to come out of this is that the wireless hotspots will be available in major international airports, and not just sports bars, coffee shops and restaurants. So rather than having to pony up the $7.99 or so that's required for Boingo access, AT&T customers can get it for free. 

“AT&T’s domestic Wi-Fi network helps fill in the gaps for Boingo users actively seeking Wi-Fi hotspots,” said Howard Buzick, vice president of business development for Boingo Wireless, in the statement. “With the explosion in both Wi-Fi enabled devices and customer data demand, Wi-Fi roaming continues to be a key facilitator for global data access.”

[via The Verge]