File this one under games that could have been. Concept art for an Assassin's Creed titled Assassin’s Creed Duel have been found floating around this morning.

The images were dug up on NeoGAF and were part of an online portfolio for a former artist working at Ubisoft. Benoit Perreault, who now hustles for Eidos, seems to have been responsible for creating concept art for what appears to be a 2D fighter. The title was listed as a release for PSN and XBLA, and the images were posted with “not a game” stamped on them. No word if this is a cancelled title or maybe something in a holding pattern.

Also, is it our diseased imagination, but is that Ray-Man on the bottom row of locked characters? We'd fight Ray Man's punk ass right now. Would you have played an AC fighter? Let us know.

[via NeoGAF]