Last night's Mad Men featured a flashback involving a very young Don Draper - Dick Whitman, if you will - visiting a whorehouse, where he, through a keyhole, proceeded to watch his "uncle" fooling around with his mother. Traumatic! But, as Vulture points out, there may be more to the scene than any of us could have ever guessed.

The role of "young Dick/Don" was portrayed for the fourth time in the show's history by actor Brandon Killham, who, as it turns out, actually has a lot of experience portraying young versions of lead characters in shows. Case-in-point: In season three of Arrested Development, a younger Killham portrayed a young version of Michael Bluth while donning the same bowl cut that poor Dick Whitman rocked in Mad Men's flashback. Going further back, Killham also portrayed a younger version of the Ice Truck Killer in the first and second seasons of Dexter - no bowl cut, though.

Now, we're not saying that Don Draper is also somehow Michael Bluth and the Ice Truck Killer... but you can all make your own judgment. Spoiler alert? Maybe.

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[via Vulture]