All hell broke loose after Joseline greeted Mimi: "Hey, maid. I see you got on your maid outfit like you always do." She was actually wearing a T-shirt that said, “Trust no bitches.” Mimi isn’t a Florence from The Jeffersons—she’s the woman who owns the agency that found Florence some work. There's a difference. Needles to say, Mimi was justifiably pissed, but given that she’s a grown woman combined with the fact that Joseline likely fights like the Ultimate Warrior, she took out her fury on Stevie J. instead.

She threw a water bottle in his face, bite his face, and proceeded to curse him smooth out. Stevie’s response? “Clean this mess up, Molly the maid.”

For his sake, let's hope he left her a great tip. Then again, he already left her a great one in the confessional—reminding her that she’s probably so pissed at Joseline because she sees so much of her in herself.