Portrayed by: Josh Hartnett

An excuse for whitewashing and racebending often used by filmmakers is that they couldn’t find an actor of the correct race as gifted as the white person they cast. While casting 2007’s 30 Days of Night, producer Sam Raimi felt that Josh Hartnett was the best fit for the role of Alaskan sheriff Eben Olemaun, who in the comic book the film is adapted from is of Inuit descent.

In fact, to make Hartnett’s casting work, they changed the character’s surname to Oleson. The film is still set in Barrow, Alaska—just like it is in the comics. Neat fact about Barrow: The town has a population that's 57% Native American. White people account for 22% of the population. But in 30 Days of Night, there's only one Inuit character, and he's portrayed by a Samoan actor.