Played By: Robert Knepper

Racist, rapist, pedophile: T-Bag is designed for you to hate him. Still, his casual charms and impressive intellect seduce characters and audience members who should know better. How does someone so despicable coerce people into his trap over and over again? This clip gives you a glimpse into how T-Bag operates.

It's difficult to describe exactly what it is that lures people to empathize with him, but actor Robert Knepper got pretty close to nailing it when he talked about the way audiences changed in their reaction to the character as the show evolved: "I got so many letters from people saying, 'When I first started watching this show, I absolutely hated you and I wanted you dead. Now I still want you dead, but I'm starting to feel for you.' I think there's something in my eyes, a childlike thing in there. There's still an innocence. There's still a bit of hope."