During the first two seasons of Boy Meets World, Morgan (played by Lily Ricksay) was Cory and Eric's cute little sis, the one the elder brother would use to pick up chicks. Yet, at the start of season three, she went MIA without any explanation. A few episodes in, however, Morgan reappeared as a guest star with actress Lindsay Ridgeway's face—according to the producers, a pointedly more mature face. As a nod to the audience in her return episode, Cory says to her, "Long time, no see!" to which she responds, "That was the longest time-out I've ever had!"

And now it looks like Ricksay is trying to get back in on the show that once cut her off. When TMZ asked the original Morgan about a role on the reboot of the show, Girl Meets World, she replied, "I’d love to talk [to Disney] about being a part of it.”

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