Twitter Handle: @tvoti
Writes At: The A.V. Club

Writing for The A.V. Club must be liberating. There are so few places where analytical nerdery is given such a big platform. This must be why so many writers from other publications jump at the chance to get their geek on as freelancers over there.

The T.V. Club's prolific TV editor, Todd VanDerWerff, embodies the ideals that the site strives for: Despite his massive body of work, he produces nothing but credible, detailed, thoughtful content.

The A.V. Club tackles television from a number of different angles in order to advance their nerd-friendly agenda. Their amazing essays, like VanDerWerff's recent piece analyzing Last Man Standing's odd second season, offer word counts long enough to put you into a pop culture-induced coma. T.V. Clubbers also revisit their favorite past shows (VanDerWerff is currently on a journey back into the wonderful Slings and Arrows ) as they integrate cult classics into their already immense list of current recaps. Periodically they punctuate their content with the sometimes nostalgic, sometimes snarky "TV Roundtables."

And then there's "The Walkthrough" with creators and showrunners from great shows. In these pieces, readers are treated to tales of the genesis of their favorite programming by the men and women behind the scenes. We couldn't help but get a bit misty-eyed while reading their look back at Carnivalé, in which creator Daniel Knauf let us in on his best-laid plans for the prematurely cancelled show.