Twitter Handle: @moryan
Writes At: Huffington Post

There's no one talking about television who's as enjoyable to read or listen to as Maureen Ryan. Ryan offers incredibly thoughtful cultural commentary, as she demonstrated in her reaction to David Carr's Twitter defense of The Onion's writers. Few critics have as deep an understanding of the state of television as Ryan. Her recent piece on Duck Dynasty is just one example of her ability to dissect television trends and connect them broadly to the culture.

A dedicated feminist, she often uses her cultural status to foment conversation about the state of women and minorities in television. If you don't like Girls, good luck holding that position after you've read Ryan's take of the show.

Though her cerebral arguments impress, her heart makes her work irresistable. Anyone who devotes their life to sitting in front of that blue glow must love TV, but few critics find a way to channel the joy they experience as a viewer into their criticism as fully as Mo Ryan.

Whether you're reading her on HuffPo, or you're listening to her on "Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan" (along with Ryan McGee), she needs only the smallest excuse to sing the praises of her beloved Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus, and, of course, Dr. Who. Every time she does, you want nothing more than to lose a day to Netflix trying to see the series through her wide-open eyes. It's the combination of intellectual firepower and fandom intensity that make her the most entertaining television critic working today.