Twitter Handle: @poniewozik
Writes At: "Tuned In" at Time

It's astounding how much mileage James Poniewozik gets out of the terse, galloping house style at Time (when he bucks that style and goes for a "long read," he includes a "dead tree alert," which is a bummer in the grand scheme of things).

His recent review of the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones is filled with two- and three-line paragraphs, and ends with a collection of bulletpoints—Poniewozik refers to them as a "hail of bullets"—yet manages to flesh out the political world of the show in a satisfying way.

His review of House of Cards was almost entirely written in bullet points, but Poniewozik still got at many of the essential aspects of the show that Matt Zoller Seitz hit in his long, flowing robe of a review. Form doesn't always reflect on the quality of the content, and for those of you who want quick-hitting analysis, you can learn just as much from Poniewozik's lightning rounds as you can anywhere else.