It's time to dine. You've got a massive plate of something delicious before you, but it isn't complete without some heat. That massive bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce isn't cutting it anymore. Tabasco, Sriracha, and those tiny packets of bland hot sauce that accompany your take-out orders are great, but you need to expand your horizons.

Upgrade to a more varied assortment of chilis and become the hot sauce aficionado you always wanted to be. Start from the bottom of the Scoville heat scale, and work your way up. Whether you're an adventurous eater who enjoys being up on what's hot (literally and figuratively) or you're just looking to up the intensity on your average meal, there's a sauce out there for you.

Life is too short to go mild: You should consume each of these 25 awesome hot sauces before you die. 

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