Ah, college. A time to turn up and turn in term papers, have thousands of dollars “given” to you and still have your bank account consistently in the red, and get countless hours of sleep without ever truly feeling rested. These are truly the best years of your life.

While you may strive for perfection while earning your degree, you are bound to mess up. For many, college is the first time that they are responsible for themselves. The road to maturity can be bumpy for some. Okay, most. No one wants to go home sobbing to Mom and Dad about how it’s all just too much to bear. On the flip side, no one wants Mom and Dad to sob about how college has made you a whole new person—and not for the better. 

Some mishaps can be avoided with a little common sense, but others can only be used as lessons. The growing pains of adulthood are many, but being able to laugh about them in a cap and gown makes them worthwhile. Be comforted in knowing you’re not fucking up all by your lonesome, here are 20 Mistakes Everyone Makes in College.

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