Whether you live across the hall from beautiful women or your apartment is upstairs from the old lady with five too many pets, extend invitations to your party to your neighbors. Don't just warn them that things could get loud; that won't do much to appease them. Warn your Scandal addicted neighbor that you're going to interrupt her time with Olivia Pope and Fitz if you want, and see if she doesn't file a noise complaint on your ass.

Instead, tell your neighbors that you'd love for them to join your little shindig. Hopefully they understand that this means, "please make arrangements to be out of your place at this time or don't call the police when it gets loud because I've given you fair warning." They probably won't show up, but it's still important to make them feel special by telling them you'd love to have them. Chances are you'll get one salty neighbor who anonymously calls the cops anyway, but hey, at least you did your part as a respectful neighbor.