If the music is whack, your party will be whack. There are no exceptions to this rule. Find out if one of your homies has DJ-ing skills, throw him a few bucks, and have him hold things down in the corner of your living room. If you don't have a buddy well-versed in the art of manning turn tables, you'll have to take control of the music situation. No one is asking you to become DJ Kool Herc, but your struggle beats shouldn't show up on your "House Party" playlist.

So if you can't drop your new mixtape at your party, what are you supposed to play? How about the classics? Give the people songs they are familiar with, so that even if they are bored out of their minds, they can occupy their time by reciting the songs that they loved but forgot about. If you're trying to get things turnt up at your gathering, you need to keep the vibe of the party upbeat at all times. Search for twerk anthems in Spotify and you'll find that others have already curated the perfect playlists for you.