Writer: Joe Quesada
Artist: Sean Chen

What it’s about: Who is really in control, Tony Stark or his armor? Up until writer Joe Quesada and artist Sean Chen came out with "The Mask in the Iron Man," most fans probably thought they knew the answer. However, when Stark’s Iron Man armor suddenly gains sentience (through a combination of a Y2K mishap and a bolt of lightning) in this story and guns for its creator, everything fans thought they knew about the character was completely shattered.

Here Tony Stark is left to defend himself and his loved ones from this twisted armor that he had perfected over the years. The most fascinating part is that as the story unfolds, the suit begins to develop its own personality, becoming almost a sympathetic figure after a while. As Stark deals with this creature of his own design, artist Sean Chen brings this whole terrifying story to life in blockbuster fashion. This is the type of comic pop psychology that we just love as it digs deep into the brain of Tony Stark and explores parts of the mind that no hero wants to go.

How it relates to Iron Man 3: The nuts and bolts of the actual plot of the book likely won’t make it into the movie, but we do know that somehow Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are attacked by an Iron Man armor in their home. Is this suit piloted by someone, or is it sentient? We don’t know. But the main premise of Stark coming face-to-face with his own creation give us the same Frankenstein-esque vibes that this comic did.