Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist: Andrea Mutti

What it’s about: During writer Matt Fraction’s “World’s Most Wanted” storyline in Invincible Iron Man, Pepper Potts donned a suit of Stark armor and took on the heroic alter-ego of Rescue. Instead of being armed to the teeth like Iron Man, Rescue acts more like her namesake and is used primarily to help out those in need from disasters around the globe, instead of battling super villains. The concept proved so popular that Marvel gave Pepper her very own Rescue one-shot issue in 2010, by the incredible Kelly Sue Deconnick and artist Andrea Mutti.

Rather than being a straight-ahead action issue, Rescue goes the unconventional route and revolves around a conversation Pepper has with her dead husband, Happy Hogan. This issue is more of a character study and DeConnick gets inside the head of Pepper like few writers have ever done. It’s still a shame that she never got beyond this one issue as a solo act.

How it relates to Iron Man 3: We’re pretty sure we’re not dropping any spoilers when we mention that Pepper armors up at some point during Iron Man 3. This is something that has been shown in the trailers and TV spots, although we’re not sure how long it lasts. Either way, if you want to find the inspiration behind Pepper’s transformation into an action hero, this issue is for you.