So, you packed up your dorm room after college, didn’t heed our advice, and moved to New York with a dollar and a dream. You thought you'd immerse yourself in a multitude of cultures, party on weeknights, and work a night job until your career jumps off. Now i’s been a few years, but no number of cultural diversions can hide the truth—you can't afford to live in this concrete jungle.

Don’t call up your parents and tell them you’re moving back in just yet. You have the whole world available to you, and there are plenty of options for international exploration. If you have a skill that you can take with you overseas, like writing or design, or if you’re willing to teach English, work in a café, or become a tour guide, you’re in a good position to live abroad. There are a great number of countries where you can live, learn, and use your money for important things. You know, like paying back your student loans.

You'll have to be mindful of the language barriers, and adjust to cultural differences and living conditions, but if you have an adventurous itch and nomadic spirit, here are 10 Awesomely Inexpensive Countries to Live in Abroad.

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