Ryan Gosling is probably going to be doing a lot of brooding in his The Place Beyond the Pines role as motorcycle stunt rider who robs a bank to support himself, the woman he knocked up during a one night stand (Eva Mendes), and a baby he didn't know he had, so it's good to see that there's at least a little humor in the film.

Both Gosling's character Luke and his apparent bank robbing partner Robin (Ben Mendelsohn) are included in this new clip, which sees them planning exactly how they're going to pull off a clean, simple bank robbery. There's a Hall & Oates joke in there too, because they're obviously making each other's dreams come true.

The Place Beyond the Pines, which was directed by Blue Valentine's Derek Cianfrance, will open in NYC and LA on March 29th, select cities on April 5th, and nationwide on April 12th.

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[via Indiewire]