Japanese tablet-maker Wacom has a new mobile device in the works that will hit store shelves this summer. 

"We’ve heard you shouting out loud for a Wacom mobile tablet for creative uses," the company wrote on its Facebook page. "Well… we’re listening. We’ve read your email and spoken to many about an on-the-go dream device. It will come. This summer. We’re working 24/7 on it."

According to Mashable's Samantha Murphy, the device will be unlike any other the company has released thus far. For starters, it will be multi-touch and include HD display as well as "a real pressure-sensitive professional pen," she said. The latter feature makes sense, given Wacom's recent foray into USB-connected drawing tablets and its interactive Inkling device, which lets users draw on real paper then transfer their work to software like Photoshop. 

The tablet, which has yet to be named or given a price tag, could possibly do all the above and will be aimed at creative professionals. 

[via Mashable]

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