It's cool to fly with your sex toys, but don't be surprised when Transportation Security Administration screeners rifle through your bag. “My checked bag is searched almost every time I fly. I guess I’m just lucky, or look suspicious!” sex blogger Rory Sweet told the New York Post.

The Post added that people who travel with their sex toys usually know when their bags have been searched because TSA screeners leave behind official printed notices. One thirsty screener even signed his search notice, because that's not creepy at all. 

“His name was Jim, and he dotted the ‘i’ with a heart,” sex toy pusher Vicki Kriner said. “The note said to have a nice day and had a smiley face scrawled next to it.” Kriner added that Jim's thirst was "unprofessional, and a little creepy."

According to the TSA, it's legal to fly with sex toys, as long as they're within the confines of regulation. Dildos and vibrators are acceptable carry-ons, "as long as they’re under 7 inches long." Size clearly matters to the TSA. Lubes like K-Y Jelly are also acceptable carry-ons in containers that are less than 3.4 ounces.

However, leave your whips and handcuffs at home—you'll be flagged as something other than a freak..

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[via NY Post

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