Fellas, are the “Dream Weddings” and “Cupcakes and Cakes” boards of Pinterest scaring you off from ever visiting the site? Well, have no fear, Manteresting is here.

Manteresting is the new Pinterest-styled site for men that has billed itself with the simple slogan as being nothing but “Interesting. Man. Things.” Because, well you know, men keep things simple, of course. Tired of seeing wedding cakes being repinned every minute of the day? How about a daily dose of man breakfasts like sausage and eggs instead? Or, why not relish in the genius of bacon and hot dogs wrapped into the shape turtles?

The site is set up similarly to Pinterest, so if you’ve already been pinnin’, you should feel right at home. Except, gone is the soft grey background of the Pinterest universe- it’s been replaced by a charcoal wood grain background. And no more pins and hearts: you’ll be nailing and bumping, now.

Head over to Manteresting to bask in the best things that make men men, man.

[via BuzzFeed]