Last month, a TSA inspector managed to get through a pat-down at Newark Liberty International Airport with a fake bomb hidden in his pants. In addition to making it through the pat-down, he also got through the magnetometer without conflict. So far, TSA's only statement on the matter has been "The TSA regularly conducts tests and does not publicly share details." However, as a source told the New York Post, this latest incident "demonstrates how Newark Airport is the Ground Zero of TSA failures."

Though the inspector passed through the magnetometer with no problem, he was subject to a pat-down. Still, no one was able to detect the phony IED in his pants, and he was allowed access to the gate. Another inspector was stopped for having a fake bomb in a doll, but according to the Post, it was flagged because of the obvious protruding wires.

Last year, 52 baggage and traveler screeners were fired from the airport for lapses in security and petty thefts. They need to tighten up.

[via Gothamist]